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How it works

It’s simple, really! Someone with a great yarn stash (you, maybe!) donates their stash to Yarn for Good. The donor designates one of our listed charities to receive proceeds of sales of their stash.

We do the work pricing, posting for sale, packing and sending to buyers. And, best of all, we send a check to designated charities every quarter.

Interested in donating your stash? Yay! We will ask you to pack your yarn and send it to us. We will do the rest. Please note: Our storage space is limitedWe ask that you please fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you when storage space is available. Waiting time may be several months, depending on sales. We do not accept acrylic or polyester yarn, or yarn with high percentages of acrylic or polyester fibers, and kindly ask that your donated yarn is unused and has an identifying label. Wound yarn is welcome, as long as the initial tag is available.

We also ask that you are willing to send your donated stash to us in Wyoming. On our end, we only charge a low flat rate for sending purchased items to buyers so that the majority of the sale proceeds benefit the designated charities. Increases in postage and shipping have created challenges to this process and we hope you understand.

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