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Who I am


Hi! I’m Kate – a knitter and owner of a sizeable yarn stash. Not long ago, a new friend of mine called and said, “Hey. Would you like to come by? I have some yarn and knitting things that I want to get rid of, and I thought you might like to have them.” I agreed, although my yarn stash certainly did not need any additions! 

“Some yarn” turned out to be six large plastic storage boxes full of gorgeousness! And then there were the knitting needles. The stitch markers. The knitting bag … Oh my! What’s a friend to do? 

“Well,” I said. “I will take the yarn. BUT, I will not keep it for myself. What I will do is develop a website to sell your yarn, and I will donate proceeds of sales to your favorite charity.”  Win-win! And so Yarn for Good was born. It’s a simple concept: 

We all have yarn that we no longer need. And we all have projects for which we need just one or two more skeins. Let’s put unused yarn to good use! 

I hope you find yarn on this site that you need or want, and love. I also hope that, if you are in the mood to destash, you’ll send your yarn to me along with the charity that you would like your yarn sales to benefit. Donors may designate one of the following nonprofits: St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Tunnels2Towers, Alzheimer’s Association, or the Humane Society of America.

I make no money from sales on this website. I simply pass through the proceeds to the designated charities. I know there may be some who are skeptical of my motives. But I also know there are all kinds of good, caring people who happen to be knitters, crocheters,  and makers of fiber art. And who, well, just love the idea of putting unused yarn to good use!  

I invite you to browse the site and find something useful. I also encourage you to de-stash your own fiber collection and put it to good use helping the charity of your choice.  


We all have yarn that we no longer need, and we all have projects for which we need just one or two more skeins.  We are putting unused yarn to good use by donating proceeds of sales on this site to the charity chosen by the donor.