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Have a stash to donate?

By purchasing yarn and other goodies on this site, you not only are getting some wonderful yarn and products at a greatly reduced price, but you also are providing a donation to the charity designated by the donor of the stash/products you are buying. Each donor’s charity choice is noted on the sales page. We charge a minimal flat-rate postage for each purchase so that we may provide the best possible proceeds to each charity. We make up the difference in the actual mailing cost, which is typically twice as much as the flat-rate.

Our storage area is limited. We are grateful for the many lovely stash donations, but we are only able to accept a limited amount of donations. If you have a stash that you would like to donate, please contact us using the form available on the How It Works post to let us know the type and amount of yarn you wish to donate. Unfortunately, we no longer accept donations of acrylic and polyester yarns, as there is not a large demand for them. Please make sure to let us know that you are willing to send your donated yarn to us. We are located in Wyoming but receive donations nationwide and ship purchased yarn nationwide. Thank you!

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