Polka Dot Sheep owner Aimee Alexander opened door of the Knit ‘n Needle Yarn Shoppe (original name) in 2003 and introduced the world to the Polka Dot Sheep.  In 2010, Polka Dot Sheep hand dyed yarns launched and a new era began. Polkadotsheep.com was launched in 2011 to better serve yarn lovers everywhere and the Shoppe’s widespread loyal customers. In 2020, Polka Dot Sheep moved into the new building that replaced their dear and well loved first home, the Knit ‘n Needle Yarn Shoppe. This move brought the Shoppe and the dye studio under one roof and Polka Dot Sheep continues to welcome visitors from far and near.

Proceeds will benefit the Tunnels to Towers Foundation
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